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Whether you're exploring early concepts, conveying technical details, or marketing the finished dream machine, Twinmotion empowers you to quickly and effectively communicate your design to stakeholders and customers.

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Why Twinmotion

Effective communication at every stage

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Photorealistic quality, real-time efficiency

With Twinmotion, there's no need to choose between offline-rendered quality and real-time flexibility. You can explore options with immediate updates, respond to feedback in a flash, then switch to path tracing gorgeous final imagery with a single click. It's the best of both worlds.
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Fast, easy, and fun

Don't have the time or inclination to grapple with steep learning curves and complicated, unintuitive user interfaces? With Twinmotion, you can be in the driver's seat in a matter of hours, so you're amazingly productive from day one. 
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One tool, all your deliverables

From a single Twinmotion project, you can create stunning high-res images for print, high-quality videos for broadcast or web, and interactive 3D presentations and human-scale 360° VR experiences for design reviews or customer engagement—all in a couple of clicks.
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Direct route to Unreal Engine

Ready to shift gears? Twinmotion is just the start of your project's real-time journey. With the ability to import it directly into Unreal Engine, you can add custom interactions and behaviors; advanced animations and dynamics; and even photorealistic humans—without starting from scratch.



Intuitive tools, powerful results

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    Develop your look in minutes

    Twimotion's vast drag-and-drop asset library includes a wide range of high-quality PBR materials like glass, metals, leather, fabrics, and much more, so you can quickly explore and iterate on different looks with instant updates. And with a material type specifically designed for Car Paint, it's easy to achieve real-world finishes, such as chameleon and pearlescent paint.
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    Get behind the viewfinder

    Twinmotion's real-time environment means you can easily explore how your vehicle looks from any angle, and judge its aesthetic under different lighting conditions. And with hundreds of HDRI environments—including studio lighting, indoor and outdoor scenes, and a huge selection of skies—you find the perfect setting to show off its curves, without traveling the world.
  • Share your vision

    With Twinmotion's real-time environment, you can explore your design with stakeholders, and respond to feedback in a flash. Want them to experience it at human scale? Turn on VR mode, and invite them into a virtual showroom that feels like the real thing. You can also share interactive 3D presentations with anyone, anywhere via a simple URL with Twinmotion Cloud.
  • Set the scene

    Whether you're scouting for a setting for a physical shoot, or creating final pixels that will tell your story without the expense of actually going there, Twinmotion's extensive library of high-quality assets make it easy to create exactly the environment you want for your vehicle—from forest tracks surrounded by fluttering foliage, to city streets lined with soaring skyscrapers.


Featured webinar

Automotive Visualization in Twinmotion

Watch our recent webinar on demand. Learn how to create stunning interior and exterior backdrops for automotive renders, with a focus on achieving the right lighting and tips on how to best showcase the curves of your car. 

Learning resources

This introductory course will guide you on your first steps with Twinmotion, from familiarizing yourself with the UI, to importing your model, navigating the scene, and using the industry templates.

Frequently asked questions

The Twinmotion trial is freely available for anyone to use for an unlimited period of time for testing the product; it may not be used for commercial purposes. The trial includes the full features of Twinmotion, with the exception of exports being limited to a 2K resolution.
Yes, Epic has partnered with a number of global resellers who may be able to provide localized training and support, as well as enabling you to purchase multiple licenses. Visit our Twinmotion reseller page to view our partners.
Twinmotion features direct one-click synchronization with Allplan, Archicad, BricsCAD, CET, Revit, Rhino (including Grasshopper), RIKCAD, SketchUp Pro, SOLIDWORKS, and Vectorworks, and the ability to import entire scenes from 3ds Max, CityEngine, Form-Z, and Navisworks in uDatasmith format. In addition, you can export your Twinmotion projects to Unreal Engine. You can download the relevant plugins from the Twinmotion plugins page (support for Allplan, BricsCAD, CityEngine, Revit 2024, and Vectorworks is built into the source apps).

You can also bring in data from virtually all 3D content creation programs, with support for importing FBX, SKP, C4D, OBJ, glTF, 3DS, DAE, DXF, EV, LW, LWB, LWM, LWO, LWS, LXP, PLY, STL, WRL, WRL97, VRML, and X file formats.

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