Twinmotion Features

Meet the Momentum Machine

The creative process is hard enough without interruptions. Stay in the zone with Twinmotion.

Rendering, lighting & materials

Realistic lighting & shadows

Iterate and present at the highest quality possible, using real-world accuracy to depict how light actually moves throughout a scene.

Nonrealistic rendering styles 

Tell the right story, at the right time, with several different push-button nonrealistic rendering styles, including white model, sketch effect, wood, metal, hidden line, and more.


Streamline your workflow with one-click source data syncing

Tools are only helpful if they play nice with what’s already there. Try our Datasmith Exporter plugins with Direct Link functionality, enabling on-the-fly one-click syncing with several major CAD, BIM, and modeling products.

Take your project to the next level

For visualization specialists

Want to do something big? Unreal Engine is where you do it.

With uncompromised quality, powerful performance, and proven results, Unreal Engine is the flexible, open platform visualization specialists need to take their assets anywhere they want to go.