Meet Someone Creative: Raha Rodriguez reveals how real-time visualization is changing the face of set design

Find out how 3D generalist Raha Rodriguez is creating digital prototypes of theater set design using Twinmotion real-time visualization software.

In the past, creating scenic designs for live production meant building physical prototypes to test out ideas before finalizing the sets, making iteration difficult and expensive, and stifling creative exploration. But thanks to the emergence of powerful 3D real-time visualization software that features realistic lighting and texturing, designers can now test and refine concepts in every detail before anything is actually built.

Philippines-based 3D generalist Raha Rodriguez is already creating 3D previsualizations for theater productions using Twinmotion. Previously a production designer in the events industry, Raha switched from designing physical to virtual spaces as a result of the pandemic. He is now applying his skills to create three-dimensional renders for theater sets, most recently for a musical production called We’ve Battled Monsters Before.

Raha worked with the scenic designer, using lights and shadows to create more depth and texture in the set design. Using Twinmotion, he was able to simulate the shadow projections featured in the show, identifying dead spots and points that would need lighting in the live production.

Raha enjoys working with Twinmotion’s real-time rendering capabilities, which he finds incredibly useful for live presentations with clients. He’s also impressed by just how intuitive the software is. What’s more, the ability to do on-the-spot revisions has enabled Raha to speed up the production pipeline.

To find out more about how Raha is using Twinmotion to render 3D theater set concepts in real-time, watch the full video.