Meet Someone Creative: Olli Huttunen uses Twinmotion’s real-time visualization to make short films

Find out how AV expert and entrepreneur Olli Huttunen turned his passion for 3D modeling and video into a filmmaking career, with a little help from Twinmotion. 

Twinmotion is already well established in the world of architecture, but designers in other areas are now beginning to use its real-time capabilities for their own creative projects.

Based in Finland, Olli Huttunen is an entrepreneur in the audiovisual sector who recently used Twinmotion to complete his first short film made using real-time technology. Having worked as an audiovisual technician on contemporary art exhibitions for the past 15 years, Olli also has a passion for 3D modeling, video editing, and drone-based photography. This led him to achieve international success as a maker of short films.

His latest short film, Messages, is a montage of the different ways that we try to communicate with each other. Created predominantly in Twinmotion, Olli also turned to Unreal Engine to enhance some of the short’s more complex scenes.
Olli first started using Twinmotion when he was looking for a tool to produce spectacular images and animations using real-time graphics. He found the tool’s intuitive interface made it easy to learn and produce new environments quickly.
“The fact that different environments can be staged and edited virtually so quickly is amazing. We can play with time and control the weather. We can delete or reset all elements.”

To find out more about how Olli uses Twinmotion to create real-time animations and short films, watch the full video.