Webinar: Working with Quixel Megascans in Twinmotion

Quixel Megascans is the largest library of 3D scans in the world. Watch the replay of our recent webinar and learn how to use these high-quality photorealistic assets to enhance your Twinmotion archviz project. 

Our recent webinar Working with Quixel Megascans in Twinmotion explored how to enhance Twinmotion archviz projects with photorealistic assets from the world’s largest library of 3D scans. If you missed it, you can see the replay below.
Since Epic Games joined forces with Quixel last year, the entire Quixel library has been made free for commercial use with Twinmotion. 

In this webinar, 3D artist Tyler Puryear discusses Quixel’s mission to scan the entire world and explains how Quixel Megascans can enhance archviz scenes in Twinmotion. Then, Technical Marketing Specialist Martin Krasemann demonstrates how to import Quixel Megascans into Twinmotion using Quixel Bridge. 

You’ll learn about: 
  • Quixel’s mission to capture the world by scanning everything from food to foliage, and from modular interiors to parquet floors
  • How to easily find the perfect surfaces and 3D assets for your projects
  • How to take these assets from Quixel Bridge to Twinmotion