We are updating Twinmotion pricing in late April

UPDATE: The changes described in this blog are now in effect.

We are introducing a new pricing and licensing model for Twinmotion customers who generate over $1 million USD annually. Twinmotion will be free for everyone else.

Today we are announcing changes to Twinmotion pricing as part of a new, broader offering we are rolling out in late April. 

Individual Twinmotion seats will be priced at $445 per year. Twinmotion seats include access to Twinmotion Cloud, as well as all updates released during the subscription period. Twinmotion Cloud will only be available for companies that purchase seats.

These changes will only apply to companies generating over $1 million in annual gross revenue. With these updates, Twinmotion will be free for everyone—even for commercial use—if your company earns under $1 million in yearly revenue.

Twinmotion will also remain free to use for students, educators, and hobbyists. Going forward there will no longer be an Education Edition or Community Edition; everyone eligible to use Twinmotion for free will use the same version and you’ll get it from the Epic Games launcher, just as you do today.

There is only one difference if you are accessing Twinmotion for free or purchasing a seat subscription: Twinmotion Cloud is only included as part of the Twinmotion seats. Otherwise, the functionality is identical, with no restrictions on rendering resolution, and no watermark.

If you’re currently using Twinmotion 2023.2.3 or any other prior versions, pricing and licensing changes will not apply to you until you decide to update to 2023.2.4 or later versions. If you have perpetual licenses of Twinmotion Commercial Edition, you can continue to use these forever, regardless of your annual revenue. Seat subscription will only be required to get new releases (if you’re not eligible for the free version), or to publish to Twinmotion Cloud from newer releases.

Community-based support and learning materials will remain open and free to use for everyone, just as they are today. You can access them on the Epic Developer Community.

Alongside the changes to individual seats, we’re bringing Twinmotion, Unreal Engine, and RealityCapture tools together as part of the new Unreal Subscription to help teams across industries efficiently build high-quality 3D experiences, and our goal is to fully integrate Twinmotion and RealityCapture with Unreal Engine. You can read more about the combined seat-based Unreal Subscription, which includes Unreal Engine, Twinmotion, and RealityCapture for $1,850 per seat/year, in this blog.

These updates enable us to build on what Twinmotion is today: a fast and easy visual storytelling tool for architecture, automotive, fashion, and beyond. Our goal is to keep our tools free for as many people as possible, especially those who are just starting out, and to continue to provide the very best, most advanced creator tools to all industries.

When will the new pricing model come into effect?

Users will transition to the updated model starting with the release of Twinmotion 2023.2.4, planned for late April, 2024.

What if my company grows beyond the $1 million revenue threshold?

Once your company exceeds the $1 million revenue threshold, you will need to purchase a seat subscription to continue using Twinmotion under the terms of the EULA.

What will happen if I don’t renew my subscription?

You will not lose access to any of the tools or projects you’ve created, but if you want to keep using Twinmotion, the EULA you signed does require you to buy new seats and/or renew your subscription. The exception is if your annual gross revenue has changed and you are now under the $1 million threshold.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your Twinmotion subscriptions within fourteen (14) days from your purchase, you’ll be entitled to receive a full refund. You will also be able to cancel the renewal of your subscription before the end of the subscription term.

I don’t qualify for the free version. Can I still trial Twinmotion, including Twinmotion Cloud, for free?

Yes, a 30-day trial of Unreal Subscription, which includes Twinmotion, can be requested via the Unreal Engine product website, enabling you to evaluate it before committing to the annual subscription. There is no separate trial version of Twinmotion standalone, and there is no requirement to download or install Unreal Engine or RealityCapture. If you are under the $1 million revenue threshold, and don’t need to try Twinmotion Cloud, you can simply download the free version.

I own a perpetual license to Twinmotion, do these changes still apply to me?

Your perpetual licenses are yours forever. You’ll be able to continue using them and you are not required to accept the new EULA or purchase any seats of the new subscription offer. If at a later date you want to upgrade to the latest version, you’ll have the opportunity to review the EULA and decide if you wish to purchase a subscription or determine if you are entitled to free usage.

If I purchased a new perpetual license or upgraded to Twinmotion Commercial Edition within 365 days prior to the release of 2023.2.4, am I still entitled to free upgrades for one year?

You will receive a free subscription seat that includes Twinmotion Cloud for the remainder of the period of one year from your purchase date.

Will I still be able to access my existing projects on Twinmotion Cloud if I don’t subscribe to the paid version?

If you have a perpetual license of Twinmotion 2023.2.3 Commercial Edition / Education Edition or earlier that includes access to Twinmotion Cloud, you can still use it to publish new projects from that version. However, you will not have access to publish new projects to Twinmotion Cloud from Twinmotion 2023.2.4 or later unless you subscribe to the paid version. You will, however, be able to access and reshare your existing projects that have been uploaded to Twinmotion Cloud.

Will there be an offline installer available for Twinmotion?

Yes, an offline installer will be available for subscribers from the new Epic Developer Portal, facilitating distribution without the Epic Games launcher. Educational institutions needing to install Twinmotion across labs can also access an offline installer by request.

How will I be able to manage multiple seats within my company?

You will be able to select who can access the seats you buy through seat management functionality within the new Epic Developer Portal, which will be available at all times. The first opportunity to distribute and manage your seats will be part of the purchasing process, and you’ll continue to have access and be able to make adjustments as your needs change.

Will I be able to assign seats to contractors outside of my organization?

Yes, you will be able to assign seats to external contractors.

Is the $1 million revenue threshold always calculated in USD?

Yes, you should use a reasonable currency conversion rate to calculate whether your company meets the $1 million revenue threshold.

What if my currency is other than USD and I am purchasing seats?

We support a number of other currencies and have adjusted pricing for certain geographical locations. You'll be shown the final price for your location after you start the purchase process and before you pay.

What is happening to Twinmotion for Revit?

Twinmotion for Revit will continue to be free for all Revit customers who are in good standing with their Autodesk subscription. Twinmotion for Revit does not include access to Twinmotion Cloud.