Dezeen wants you to ‘Redesign the World’ with Twinmotion

A good idea can come from anywhere. And when it comes to climate change, we need all the good ideas we can get. 

Architects and designers know this all too well, and have begun proposing concepts like Planet City and Masterplanet to suggest an alternate way forward.

In that spirit, we have teamed up with leading international design and architecture magazine, Dezeen, to launch ‘Redesign the World,’ a new competition that rewards radical ideas. Especially if they’re of the planet-saving variety.
In short, we want you to treat Earth as the biggest design challenge of all time and redesign it so it’s not only sustainable, but better than what came before. 

A good design will explore questions like: How (and where) will people live, grow food, and generate power in the future? How will vital ecosystems flourish, and what are the possible uses of the land, sea, sky, and various subterranean habitats?

Marcus Fairs, editor-in-chief and CEO of Dezeen, said: "The problems the world faces are huge in scale and they demand equally epic solutions. So we have set the ultimate design challenge and asked architects and designers to redesign the world. We're looking for big, bold ideas that show visionary thinking. We firmly believe that design can make the world a better place. We're challenging creatives to come up with ideas that will generate debate, optimism, and excitement around the greatest design problem of our time."

The competition is free to enter for anyone aged 18 and over in any country around the world, regardless of whether you are a professional designer, non-designer, or student. A top prize of £5,000 will be awarded for first place, £2,500 for second place, £1,000 for third place, and £500 each for 12 selected finalists. 

The winners will be announced in November during Dezeen 15, a free online festival hosted by Dezeen to mark its 15th anniversary. 

The only requirement: you have to use Twinmotion. Access your free trial now. 

For more information, visit the competition page. We look forward to your entries! You never know where they’ll go.