Twinmotion Cloud

Share your project with anyone, anywhere in the world, with every detail intact. All they'll need to review and interact with your design is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a web browser.



What is Twinmotion Cloud?

Twinmotion Cloud is a powerful cloud-based service that you can use to quickly and easily share and present your projects to stakeholders via a web browser, with no need for them to have a high-end computer or to download large files. Choose between sharing fully navigable 3D Presentations or pre-rendered Panorama Sets.


Using Presentations, you can share a fully navigable, high-fidelity real-time 3D version of your project for your stakeholders to explore at their own pace from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Presentations are streamed from the cloud in real time at 1080p resolution, in sessions that can last up to 90 minutes at a time. 

Panorama Sets

With Panorama Sets, you can share your project with stakeholders as high-resolution pre-rendered panoramas. You can curate the views you'd like your clients to see, and let them navigate the whole story from start to finish by linking multiple panoramas together.

Unlike Presentations, Panorama Sets don't require a strong internet connection, and there is no session length limit.

Example Projects

Częstochowa apartments

Explore this chic home, part of a modern and intimate complex of five unique apartment buildings located in the center of Częstochowa, Poland.

Panorama Set

Project courtesy of Augustia.pl and images courtesy of Paweł Rymsza

Lakehouse retreat

Wander around this interior/exterior scene of a lakehouse retreat. This scene is included with Twinmotion for you to explore for yourself.


The Hallwyl Museum

Welcome to The Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm, Sweden, once the home of Walther and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl. This palatial residence, completed in 1898, was built as a winter home for the immensely rich couple.

Panorama Set

The Hallwyl Museum 1st Floor Combined by Thomas Flynn and The Hallwyl Museum is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution

Hotel Chicago

Travel through a resort center located in a riverside city downtown area loosely based on Chicago.





This tutorial will take you through creating your Presentations and Panorama Sets and uploading them to Twinmotion Cloud, and explain the various ways you can share them, including embedding them in web pages.
Architects’ design review processes have taken a huge leap forward thanks to Twinmotion Cloud: laggy video call reviews are out, and fast, streamlined cloud sharing is in. In this video, find out how workflows are improved.


Twinmotion Cloud online documentation

Learn everything you need to know about Twinmotion Cloud, from how-tos on uploading, sharing, viewing, and managing your projects, to system requirements and the current limitations of the Early Access program.