Twinmotion Inspiration Week, day three: Landscaping

It’s day three of our annual showcase of all things Twinmotion, and today we’re going to look beyond bricks and mortar to projects whose foundations are the earth, trees, and rivers.

Landscaping projects can provide incredibly compelling real-time visualizations, particularly when paired with VR, as the RHS Garden Bridgewater illustrates. 

Take a look at this bounty of real-time landscaping visualizations, crafted with care by green-thumbed Twinmotion users.

Image courtesy of Siak-Lin Pozo

Photorealistic image courtesy of Marcos Vinícius Costa. 3D model by Ahmed Taha

Distillery, Llanberis, Wales. Modelled in SketchUp, rendered in Twinmotion 2020 with post-production in Photoshop. Courtesy of Dalgety Design.

Landscape for Kalagram-Dehli India courtesy of Raj Shantaram Shitole