Twinmotion 2020.2 is here!

We’re excited to announce that Twinmotion 2020.2 is now available! With new tools for animation and phasing, more realistic materials and effects, and new animated and smart assets, Twinmotion 2020.2 brings another dimension to fast, easy, real-time archviz.

Animation and phasing tools

Interactive, parametric doors

We’ve added an extensive range of new door assets—including single, double, sliding, and pocket—that will automatically fit (snap and scale) to existing openings, and can be set to automatically open based on the proximity of the camera and/or people assets. With the ability to select different styles, handles, hinges, and casing, the range of possible variations is vast.

Animator objects

New Animator objects enable you to link any object to a rotation or translation widget in order to animate your own custom objects such as doors, windows, and elevators. Presets are included for a children’s roundabout, a lifting barrier, an industrial gate, and a retractable bollard.

Faster, easier phasing

We’ve added a new multi-track timeline-based Phasing tool that makes it much faster and easier to create phased video of your project’s construction schedule, or to present different variations sequentially.

Enhanced realism

More realistic water 

The Water material has been improved to better reflect changes in depth and to increase the rendering quality, enabling you to create more realistic lakes, ponds, rivers, and pools.

More realistic rain and puddles

Rain generated by the weather system now makes surfaces wetter and forms puddles in a more realistic way, enabling you to better simulate rainy day scenes.

Enhanced car material

The material used on provided car assets now includes a clear coat effect that simulates a layer of varnish applied over a surface, enabling you to more realistically simulate car paint.

New and updated assets

East Asian trees

We’ve added 15 new trees commonly found in China, Japan, and Korea. Each tree comes in four seasons and three ages. This enables projects based in the region to more accurately reflect the native environment.

New construction vehicles

We’ve replaced several of the existing construction vehicle assets with higher-quality versions that feature animated rigs and offer the ability for customization with your company’s own logo, enabling you to more realistically visualize the construction phase of your project.

Customizable smart aircraft

We’ve added new aircraft assets that can be customized with different colors on different parts, and a custom logo. In addition, these aircraft react to the time of day by turning on lights at night.