See 30 of the best images from our Twinmotion Community Challenges

Image courtesy of Alex Brama
From perfect beaches to winter wonderlands, this year our Twinmotion Community Challenge winners have gone above and beyond to create gorgeous real-time scenes that look as good as final renders—with no post-production required. 

Each of the winners has already taken home a cash prize of $500, plus Epic Games swag. But we wanted to do more to showcase their amazing work. That’s why we’re sharing the top 30 images/videos from the last three challenges. 

Prepare yourself—they are pretty great. Have a look!

Challenge #7: ‘Picture-perfect postcards from your travels’

About the challenge

For this challenge, we were looking for images that showed favorite vacation spots, from iconic landmarks to breathtaking natural landscapes. Clearly, the idea of a vacation brought something out in our community. We want to go there, too.

Our top 10 images

Image courtesy of Tamas Roth
Image courtesy of Piotr Strycharski
Image courtesy of Iqbal Zh
Image courtesy of Ronald Eicher
Image courtesy of Pierre-André Biron
Image courtesy of Diego Ayala
Image courtesy of Kay Ilker
Image courtesy of Jérémy Tessier
Image courtesy of Adam Gil
Image courtesy of Anas Bani Khalaf

Challenge #6: ‘Blending the old world with the new’

About the challenge

In many parts of the world, walking down the street means seeing architecture casually shift from medieval to modern. For this challenge, artists built scenes with that same sense of living history by blending modern, futuristic architectural designs into an old-world context. Gaze into their crystal ball.

Our top 10 images
Image courtesy of Oyedeji Jesufolahanmi
Image courtesy of Abolarinwa Adegunloye
Image courtesy of Piotr Karpiński
Image courtesy of Yusufcan Çınar
Image courtesy of Anh Pham
Image courtesy of Arthur Yosefov
Image courtesy of Alex Brama
Image courtesy of Bilal Khan
Image courtesy of Aki3dArt
Image courtesy of Roberto Molina

Challenge #5: ‘Capture a winter wonderland experience’

About the challenge
This time, the community were asked to tap into their holiday spirit and create a winter wonderland worth writing home about. What returned was excellent with a slice of cozy. These should come with hot chocolate.

Our top 10 images
Image courtesy of Adam Gil
Image courtesy of Anh Pham
Image courtesy of Arne Van Keer
Image courtesy of Atakan Demirkiran
Image courtesy of Jérémy Tessier
Image courtesy of Mickaël Cador
Image courtesy of Pawel Rymsza
Image courtesy of Peter Pui
Image courtesy of Piotr Karpiński
Image courtesy of Staffan Millqvist