New Twinmotion lesson plans for secondary educators

Explore seven new lesson plans that show students how to explore what goes into a great design—from initial concept to final visuals—using Twinmotion and interactive 3D.

Why start from scratch when a fellow teacher has already left you some breadcrumbs? 
Follow the path to seven new lesson plans that will teach your students how to explore what goes into a great design—from initial concept to final visuals—using Twinmotion and interactive 3D.
Whether they are making the best remote control ever or a relaxing bus shelter for commuters, each ISTE-approved lesson is designed to get students thinking beyond a simple output as they learn to express their ideas in the most visual way possible.
Like all of our lesson plans, these were created by actual educators who use all or parts of these guides in their own coursework throughout the US. 
Here’s the latest batch.

Designing a TV Operating Device in Twinmotion

A remote control doesn’t have to be boring. What would make it stand out to you? In this lesson, students learn how to move from CAD software to the presentation stage, guiding their unique device through the iterative process. 
Image and 3D model courtesy of Marcos Vinícius Costa.

Designing a Bus Shelter in Twinmotion

Sometimes the biggest impact happens when we rethink the things people use everyday. In this lesson, students redesign a 3D bus shelter to make it more inviting for the daily commuters, considering what will make people feel more comfortable.
Green Space courtesy of ART-MODELS

Designing a Tiny House in Twinmotion

Explore the nuances of architectural design by focusing on the simplistic functionality of the Tiny House. What will you keep? What needs to be there? Students decide in Twinmotion.

Design your Dream Bedroom in Twinmotion

Close your eyes. Now, imagine your dream bedroom. In this lesson, students get to make it real using premade assets, as they learn how to balance notions of scale, contrast, patterns, visual cohesiveness, and more throughout a 3D space.
Image courtesy of Marcos Vinícius Costa.3D model by Sai Htet Myat

Designing a Mechanical Watch Case in Twinmotion

In today’s modern world, many of us are so obsessed with technology that it may seem like a wristwatch has no place. However, wristwatches remain a standard by which we measure personality, convenience and, of course, time. In this exercise, students will build a home for a classic piece of menswear, before learning how to sell its attributes through photoreal stills.

Creating a Concept Car Pitchvis in Twinmotion

If you can’t sell it, you can’t do it. In this lesson, students learn how to improve their chances of selling a creative idea by applying Twinmotion’s visualization tools to a hypothetical film pitch.
Image courtesy of Pawel Rymsza

Psychology of Architecture in Twinmotion 

Have you ever walked into a building and felt your mood change? In this lesson, students will learn how to steer that feeling for others (in a positive way!) using design cues, virtual spaces, and the simple 3D tools found within Twinmotion.
Courtesy of Anh Pham