Twinmotion EULA Change Log


DISCLAIMER: The following change log is intended to aid subscribers by flagging major substantive changes in EULA amendments, but is not intended to detail all changes. Prior to accepting the amended EULA, you should review the full agreement.

EULA for Twinmotion version 4:
  • Replaces Quixel Megascans License with a general license for all content made available through Twinmotion.

EULA for Twinmotion version 3:
  • Adds terms enabling users to share user-generated content (UGC).
  • Adds "Quixel Megascans" License.

EULA for Twinmotion version 2:
  • Adds payment terms and seat limitations for applicable orders of Twinmotion.
  • Adds licenses for trial and educational use.