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Twinmotion 2022.2.2 Hotfix Release Notes

Release notes for Twinmotion 2022.2.2.


Twinmotion 2022.2.2 is now available.

If you're an existing user, you can download and install the latest release from the Epic Games launcher on your computer.

If you're a new user, you can get started here.

Feel free to start a New Discussion in the Twinmotion support community to share your thoughts on this release. If you need to report a bug regarding this release please contact Customer Support.

What's New

This version includes bug fixes only.

Important: If you launch Twinmotion and the application does not appear after the splash screen, or the Twinmotion application window is very small, please refer to this article.

Bugs Fixed in 2022.2.2

Cloud Library

TM-9157 - Fixed the issue where Twinmotion was unresponsive on startup. This was happening between the initialization of the Twinmotion Cloud library and the Sketchfab library.


TM-9355 - Fixed the opacity problem with the Japanese hop hornbeam tree leaves.


TM-9379 - Fixed a crash which occurred when importing with Datasmith.


TM-9313 - Fixed the issue where selecting different brush shapes when using the Paint terrain tool on a Landscape was making Twinmotion lag and freeze.

Twinmotion Cloud

TM-9387 - Solidified the Push to Cloud method for Cloud Presentations.

New Known Bugs Affecting 2022.2.2


TM-9468 - The Resource Collector is collecting unused HDRIs when the Unused materials option is not selected.

TM-9509 - Crash when opening certain Twinmotion scenes.

If a crash occurs when you try to open a Twinmotion scene, please contact Customer Support so that we can analyze your file to resolve the problem.


TM-9571 - Some imported textures from Archicad are not scaled and rotated correctly when importing with Datasmith.

TM-9363 - When the Collapse by material option is not selected in the File settings when using the Datasmith Direct Link Auto Sync feature in the Datasmith Direct Link workflow, certain material assignments are missing or incorrect.

TM-9469 - Geometry is not respected when the Keep hierarchy option is selected when importing a SketchUp Pro file that contains parametric assemblies created with the Profile builder extension.


TM-9390 - Neon light meshes are visible in reflections.


TM-9362 - The two-sided properties of materials are not kept intact when saving materials in the User Library.


TM-9540 - The VR menu becomes blurry if an image is preset with certain Depth of Field (DOF) settings.

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