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Twinmotion Support Community

How to access and join the Twinmotion Support Community.


The Twinmotion Support Community is a great place to get the help you need with using Twinmotion. You can browse the articles in the Twinmotion Knowledge Base, share knowledge and start discussions with other Twinmotion users, report bugs and get assistance from dedicated Twinmotion Customer Support staff, and get information about other available Twinmotion resources.

To participate in the Twinmotion Support Community, you need to have a Twinmotion license (Community edition, Education edition, or Commercial edition) and be signed in to your Epic Games account. You can get a license by downloading Twinmotion from the Twinmotion website, or acquiring Twinmotion from any Epic Games approved Twinmotion reseller.

To get Twinmotion from the Twinmotion website:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the Download & Try button.

    Download Twinmotion button

  3. Select the type of license you want—Community edition, Education edition, or Commercial edition—and click the Download Now or Buy Now buttons.

    Twinmotion licenses

  4. Follow the Get Started with Twinmotion instructions that appear on the page to download and install Twinmotion.

  5. Open Twinmotion from the Epic Games launcher, then specify whether you accept the end-user license agreement (EULA) and click the Continue button.

    After you accept the EULA, you can access the Twinmotion Support Community.

To access the Twinmotion Support Community:

  • Go to

    If you are already signed in to your Epic Games account, the Twinmotion Support Community web page opens.

    If you are not signed in:

    • Click the Login button.

      Twinmotion Support Community Login button

    • Select Sign in With Epic Games.

      Epic Games Account sign in page

    • Enter the credentials you used to create your Epic Games account, and click the Log In Now button.

      Epic Games Account sign in