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The Resource Collector

How to collect Twinmotion project files and resources to share them with other Twinmotion users.


If you work in a collaborative environment with other Twinmotion users, you may sometimes need to share your Twinmotion project files with them. To do this in an efficient manner, you can use the Resource Collector to automatically collect your Twinmotion file and all the linked resources used by the file into one folder.

To share a Twinmotion project, it is important to share the .tm file as well as all the resources used in the project. These resources include the texture maps that are used by the materials in the scene, and may also include the substitution table that is used to define material substitutions when importing or reimporting a scene into Twinmotion.

When working on a Twinmotion project, you can also use the Resource Collector to organize the map files used in your project. If the map files are located in several different folders on your computer, using the Resource Collector you can group all of them into the same folder. In your Twinmotion project, you can then update the links to the map files so that they point to the new folder.

Using the Resource Collector

  1. In the Top menu, go to Edit > Resource collector to open the Resource Collector window.

    Resource collector in the File menu

  2. In the Resource Collector window, click the Open button to select the Destination path of the Twinmotion file and resources.

    Resource collector window

  3. In the Select Folder window, select the folder where you want to export the Twinmotion file and resources, and click Select Folder.

    Select window

  4. In the Resource Collector window, select the collection options you want to apply. For more information on the options, refer to Options below.

    Resource collector options

  5. Click the Collect button.

    The files are collected and added to the folder you specified in step 3.

    Collected files


The following table describes the options you can specify when collecting resources.




Specifies the files you want to include in the collected resources.

.tm file

Select this option to add the Twinmotion .tm file.

Substitution table

Select this option to add the MaterialsSubstitutionTable.csv file, which defines the material substitutions when importing or reimporting a scene in Twinmotion.

Unused materials

Select this option to add the texture maps that are included in the project, but are not used by any material in the scene.

When this option is not selected, the only texture maps included are those that are used by materials applied to objects in the scene.

Compress files

Select this option to compress all the files and resources in a .zip file.