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Merging Twinmotion Projects Together

Learn how to merge two Twinmotion projects into one Twinmotion file.

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The Merge feature in Twinmotion makes it possible to merge two Twinmotion projects into one file. This can be useful if you work in a collaborative environment with other Twinmotion users on the same projects, or if you want to merge two of your own Twinmotion projects.

When you work on a project with other Twinmotion users, different team members can sometimes be responsible for different parts of the project. For example, to create an architectural scene, someone in your team might be responsible for creating the indoor and outdoor aspects of the building, while you might be responsible for creating the vegetation and landscape. When both of you finish your respective parts, you can merge both Twinmotion projects together to create one project that contains the building, the vegetation, and the landscape.

When you merge files, make sure to delete the Starting ground and Starting landscape from one of the files, otherwise they will be duplicated in the new merged file.

Merging Projects

  1. Open one of the Twinmotion projects that you want to merge.

  2. In the menu, go to File > Merge to open the Merge window.

    Merge command in the File menu

  3. In the Merge window, click the Open button to open the Import window.

    Merge window

  4. In the Import window, select the Twinmotion file that you want to merge with, and click Open.

    Import window

  5. In the Merge window, select the options that you want to apply. For more information, see Options below.

    Merge options

  6. Click OK.

    The contents of the project you selected in the Import window are added to the Scene graph and the Viewport of the current Twinmotion project.


The following table describes the options that you can specify when merging Twinmotion files.




Select this option if you want the landscape in your current Twinmotion project to be overwritten by the landscape of the project being merged.

By default, the landscape in your current file is not overwritten.

Save a copy

Select this option if you want to save a copy of the current Twinmotion project before merging it with another project.