Importing Projects Into Unreal Engine | Twinmotion Documentation

Importing Projects Into Unreal Engine

Bring your projects into Unreal Engine with the Twinmotion to Unreal Engine workflow.


With the Datasmith Exporter feature and the Datasmith Twinmotion Content for Unreal Engine plugin, you can save your Twinmotion projects to the Datasmith format and import them into Unreal Engine 5.1.

  • Take your projects to the next level with Unreal Engine's modeling tools and post-processing effects.

  • Import animated FBX assets.

  • Add MetaHumans to your scenes.

  • Take advantage of powerful rendering features such as Lumen, Nanite, and Ray Tracing.

If you are new to Unreal Engine, you can find information on the basics of Unreal Engine and how to start using it in the Epic Developer Portal - Getting Started page.