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Creating Presentations

Learn how to create Presentations.


With a Presentation, you can share several types of rendered media assets such as images, panoramas, and videos. Once you have created the media assets that you want to share, you can combine them into one Presentation and export it locally as a Local Presentation or to Twinmotion Cloud.

To create a Presentation:

  1. Create the images, panoramas, and videos that you want to include in your Presentation.

  2. Click Media in the Footer to open the Media dock.


  3. In the Media dock, click the Presentation icon.


  4. To create a new Presentation, click the Add icon.


    You can rename the Presentation by selecting Rename in the Media menu of the Presentation. For information about the Media menu, refer to Modifying Presentations.

  5. To add content to the Presentation, click the Plus ( + ) icon.


    A window that contains all the created media opens.

    Click on the Image, Panorama, and Video icons on the left to view each type of media.


  6. In the window, select the images, panoramas, and videos that you want to include in the Presentation and drag them to the dock.


    Once you have completed the Presentation, close the window by clicking the close (X) icon in the window.

    You can now define export settings for the Presentation and share it with others by exporting it locally or to Twinmotion Cloud. For information on export settings, refer to Export Settings for Presentations.

To preview the Presentation in the Viewport, click the Play icon. You can also scroll through the media that you added to the Presentation by clicking the Previous and Next icons.


For information on how to export Presentations locally, refer to Creating Local Presentations.

For information on how to upload Presentations to Twinmotion Cloud, refer to Uploading Content to Twinmotion Cloud.