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Export Settings for Presentations

A reference for the export settings of your Presentations.


In the export settings for a Presentation, you can adjust the viewing parameters before exporting it locally or to Twinmotion Cloud. You can enable or disable Media framing, and select the type of camera movement that can be performed while viewing a presentation.

Accessing the Export Settings

  1. Click Media in the Footer to open the Media dock.


  2. In the Media dock, click the Presentation icon.


  3. Click the thumbnail of the Presentation.


    The export settings for Presentations are displayed in the Properties panel.


Export Settings



Media framing

In Twinmotion, you can set the format of images with custom aspect ratios. If an image in a presentation is set with a custom aspect ratio, enabling media framing activates the Safe Frame viewing option in the Preferences panel in presentations. When the Safe Frame option is activated, viewers of a presentation can decide whether or not to display images using their custom aspect ratios by enabling or disabling Safe Frame.

Options: On, Off

To set a custom aspect ratio for images, click the image in the Media dock. A tab named Image that contains the format settings is added to the Ambience panel.


Camera movement

The camera movement setting determines the navigation options that are allowed in the viewport of a presentation.

Options: Free, Ride, Locked

  • Free: All navigation options are allowed. This is the default setting.

  • Ride: Viewers can look around, but cannot move freely.

To look around, hold and press the mouse button and drag.

  • Locked: The images are in a fixed position. Navigation options are not allowed, but the presentation can be played and paused.