Applying Phasing to Videos | Twinmotion Documentation

Applying Phasing to Videos

See how to apply phasing to videos.


The Phasing tool can be used to create time-lapse videos that show each phase of a project over a period of time from start to finish. You can also use phasing in videos to view multiple versions of a scene and compare how different parameters affect the scene. To incorporate a phasing group into a video, you need to apply the phasing group to the video.

  1. In the Footer, click Media to open the Media dock.


  2. In the Media dock, click the Video icon.


  3. Click the thumbnail of a video.


    A tab named Video is added to the Ambience panel.


  4. In the Video tab click Details, and in the Phasing Group dropdown select the phasing group you want to apply to the video.


To remove a phasing group from a video, select None in the Phasing Group dropdown.