Export Settings for Panorama Sets in Twinmotion | Twinmotion Documentation

Export Settings for Panorama Sets

A reference for the export settings of Panorama Sets.


The following table describes the export settings that you can modify for Panorama Sets.



360 Resol.

Sets the resolution of panoramas in Panorama Sets. A higher value increases the size of the Panorama Set and increases the time it takes to export the Panorama Set.

By default, the resolution is set to 6K.

Options: 2K, 4K, 6K, 8K, 16K

Max lighting

Enables or disables Max lighting on Panorama Sets.

You should enable this setting when exporting a Panorama Set that includes panoramas of both day scenes and night scenes; this ensures that night scenes are not under-exposed.

By default, this setting is disabled.

Options: On, Off