Creating Images and Panoramas | Twinmotion Documentation

Creating Images and Panoramas

Learn how to create images and panoramas.


Using your Twinmotion scenes, you can create images and panoramas and apply visual settings and effects to them in order to produce final renderings. You can also apply View sets to images and panoramas to show multiple variations of the same scene, or to show the phases of a construction project. The steps for creating an image or a panorama in Twinmotion are similar.

For information on View sets, refer to Working with View Sets.

Creating an Image or a Panorama

  1. Click Media in the Footer to open the Media dock.


  2. In the Media dock, click the Image or Panorama icon.


    Image icon


    Panorama icon

  3. To create an image, click the Add image icon.


    To create a panorama, click the Add pano icon.


  4. To edit the visual settings of an image or panorama, select the thumbnail of the image or panorama.

    The visual settings that you can edit to create your final rendering appear in the Properties panel.


For a reference on the visual settings for images, panoramas, and videos, refer to Visual Settings for Media.