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Images and Panoramas

An overview of images and panoramas in Twinmotion.


Twinmotion provides you with the ability to create images and panoramas of your 3D models and scenes, and create high-quality final renderings by applying visual settings and effects to them.

Images can be saved in any display resolution of your choice. You can save them in the preset 2K Full HD or 4K UHD display resolutions, or save them using custom image size formats (maximum 64K, up to 61440 x 61440), for example in cell phone or tablet display sizes or in a square format.

Panoramas are 360 degree images that can be saved in 2K to 16K display resolution, and also in 3D mode (stereoscopic view).

View sets can be applied to images and panoramas to show multiple versions of the same scene under different parameters, or to show each phase of a construction project from start to finish.

Rendered images and panoramas can be exported to your computer as PNG, JPG, or EXR files, or exported to a Local Presentation. You can also share them with others by adding them to presentations and Panorama Sets on Twinmotion Cloud.