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Creating and Exporting Media

An overview of creating and exporting media.

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In Twinmotion, you can create the following media using the scene in the Viewport: images, panoramas, and videos.

Once a media is created you can modify its visual settings in real-time—such as lighting, weather, geographical location, and camera preferences—and apply visual effects such as color gradients, filters, and clay rendering. All the visual settings and effects that you apply to a media are applied to the media only; the visual settings that were applied to the scene remain intact. Applying visual settings and effects to media does not change the visual settings or appearance of the original scene.

If you want to show the different construction stages of a project, you can create phasing groups and apply them to videos, or create view sets and apply them to images, panoramas, and to keyframes and videos parts.

Once you've created and (optionally) modified the visual settings of your media and applied any phasing or view sets to them, you can export them locally to your computer, or share them with others by adding them to a Local Presentation, or to a Presentation or Panorama Set on Twinmotion Cloud.

How It Works

  1. Create the images, panoramas, or videos.

  2. Apply visual settings and visual effects to the media (optional).

  3. If you want to show the construction stages of a project

    • create and apply phasing to the videos; or

    • create and apply view sets to the images or panoramas, or to keyframes and video parts.

  4. Configure the export settings of the images, panoramas, or videos (optional).

  5. Export the media either locally to your computer, to Twinmotion Cloud, or in a Local Presentation.