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Templates in Twinmotion

An overview of the architecture and product templates in Twinmotion.


Twinmotion includes Architecture and Product visualization templates that contain ready-made starting scenes with predefined lighting, settings, and props. Import your 3D model into a template, and accelerate the visualization process by instantly seeing what your project looks like in various outdoor and indoor environments. All the templates are designed to render well in both Real time and Path tracer modes.

Templates in the Home panel (Click image to expand.)

The Architecture and Product templates are subdivided into the following categories according to the types of visuals you can create:


  • Sky Shot


  • Lookdev

  • Packshot

  • Hero shot

We designed the templates in the Architecture category to provide a quick way to render architectural visualization (archviz) images and videos of your buildings and structures in distinctive outdoor environmental setups. We will expand the number of templates over time, but currently they include one template in the Sky Shot category that provides 24 beautiful sky environments based on 8K High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) Skylights embedded in the scene.

Visual created using the Day & Night Skies template (Click image to expand.)

The templates in the Product category contain several visual setups and props ideal for quickly creating high-quality product visualization (prodviz) images and videos of your projects and products. We will expand the number of templates over time, but currently they include templates in the Lookdev, Packshot, and Hero shot categories.

  • Lookdev (or Look Development) is a process where you experiment with colors and materials to define the final look and feel of a project.

  • Packshot images are used to display products in e-commerce websites and catalogs. They are often set against a white background and you can use them to show closeups and various angles of products.

  • Hero shots are used to create marketing content, such as landing pages, banners, and advertising campaigns. Products are typically displayed in a studio environment, and the ambience and mood is created using lighting and props.

Turntable video in the Worktable template

To view a description for a template, hover over the title of the template in the Home panel.

Template description

Template description in the Home panel

Each premade environment is provided in the form of images in the Media dock (Media > Image). Certain Product templates also offer premade turntable videos where you can place your product and create a 360° video of it. These videos can be accessed under Video in the Media dock (Media > Video). You can also use the images and videos in the templates as a starting point to create your own images, videos, panoramas, Panorama Sets, and Presentations.

Accessing the Templates

You can view and access the templates in the Home panel that appears when you launch Twinmotion.

You can also access the Home panel within Twinmotion by clicking the Home panel icon or going to File > Show Home panel. For more information about the Home panel, refer to The Home Panel.

The Home panel (Click image to expand.)

By default, the templates are stored on a dedicated server on the cloud. To open a template for the first time, you must be connected to the Internet and download it. To download templates, click the Download icon situated at the top right of the template preview in the Home panel.

Download template icon

Download template icon

By default, templates are downloaded in the following location:

  • Windows: C:\Users[username]\Documents\Twinmotion[version]\TemplatesCloudLibrary\CloudLibraryname]

  • MacOS: HD:Users:[username]:Documents:Twinmotion[version]:TemplatesCloudLibrary\CloudLibraryname]

If you want to save them somewhere else, you can change this location in the Twinmotion Preferences panel, in the Settings tab, under Custom paths.

We continuously update and improve the templates, and the collection of templates in both categories will expand over time; we will add new templates to the Home panel on a regular basis. When an update is available, an Update icon appears on the template. Click the icon to automatically update the template.

Update template icon

Update template icon

Working with the Templates

Once a template is downloaded, an Open button appears on the template preview. Click anywhere on the preview to open it.

Open template button

Open template button

The various setups in each template are provided in the form of images and videos. To access them, go to the Media dock and select Image or Video.

Images in the Day & Night Skies template (Click image to expand.)

Videos in the Worktable template (Click image to expand.)

Once you have opened a template, select any of the premade images or videos in the Media dock and import your 3D model into the scene to start experimenting with the different setups and props.

In certain templates, you can also access the premade setups and props in the Scene graph panel.

Setups and props in the Scene graph panel (Click image to expand.)

You can use the images and videos in the templates as is, but you can also change their visual settings such as lighting, location, weather, and camera angles. For information on the visual settings you can modify in media, refer to Visual Settings for Media.

You can also duplicate the images and videos and use this as a basis to create your own media based on the settings in the templates. For information on how to duplicate images and videos and how to work with media in Twinmotion, refer to Working with Media.