Importing Point Clouds | Twinmotion Documentation

Importing Point Clouds

Learn how to import point cloud files into Twinmotion.


Point cloud files are a collection of data points that are created using a 3D scanner or photogrammetry software. They can be imported into your Twinmotion projects to represent as-built (real-world) data such as buildings or geographical areas.

Point cloud files are imported into Twinmotion as objects, and are visible in the Scene graph.

To import point clouds into Twinmotion:

  1. Open the Import dock by clicking Import in the Footer.

    Import icon in the Import dock

  2. In the Import dock, click the Import icon.

    Import icon in the Import dock

  3. Click the Point Cloud tab, and click Open.

    Point cloud tab in the Import window

  4. In the Import window, navigate to the folder that contains the point cloud file that you want to import.

  5. Select the point cloud file and click Open.

    Select Point cloud file

  6. In the Import window, click Import.

    Import button

    The Importing Point Cloud window appears and shows the progress of the import process.

    Point cloud import in process

  7. When the window closes, the import process is completed and the point cloud file is added to the scene in the Viewport.

    Click image to expand.