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Creating Local Presentations

Learn how to export Presentations to create Local Presentations.


Presentations can be uploaded to Twinmotion Cloud, but they can also be exported locally to your computer and opened with the Twinmotion Presenter. These types of Presentations are known as Local Presentations.

If you export multiple Local Presentations at once, they will all be available when launched with the Presenter. Additionally, they can be viewed in virtual reality when VR mode is enabled.

Follow the steps below to create Local Presentations:

  1. Create the Presentation(s) that you want to export. For information on how to create Presentations, refer to Creating Presentations.

  2. In the Footer, click Export to open the Export panel.


  3. In the Export panel, under the Local section, click the Add button next to Presentation.


  4. In the window that opens select the Presentations that you want to export.


    You can export more than one Presentation at a time. Each Presentation is exported separately to one Twinmotion Presenter and appears as a thumbnail that you can select in a list of Presentations. Each Presentation can be viewed individually.

  5. In the Export panel, click Start Export.


  6. In the Select Folder window, select the folder in which you want to export the Presentations.


    The Export Presentation window appears and shows the progress of the export process.


    When the window closes, the export process is completed and a folder including the Twinmotion Presenter that contains the Presentations is created.