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Viewing Content on Twinmotion Cloud

View Presentations and Panorama Sets on Twinmotion Cloud.


Twinmotion Cloud is a web-based service that enables you to upload the Presentations and Panorama Sets you create in Twinmotion and share them with your colleagues and clients.

The content is stored on the dedicated Twinmotion Cloud Web Drive that provides a shareable hyperlink, QR code, and HTML embed code for each Panorama Set and Presentation.

Your collaborators can view your Presentations and Panorama Sets:

  • In a web browser using the automatically generated hyperlink.

  • On a mobile device by scanning a QR code.

  • In your website if you embed them using the provided HTML embed code.

Per-panorama QR codes that open specific panoramas can also be obtained from the Web Drive, and per-panorama QR codes and hyperlinks can be obtained from inside Panorama Sets when they are opened from the Web Drive.