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Quixel Megascans Assets in the Library

An overview of Quixel Megascans assets in the Library.


The Twinmotion Library provides free for commercial use access to content from the Quixel Megascans library, a huge collection of high-quality 3D and 2D scanned real-life objects and materials. All the assets from the 3D Assets, 3D Plants, Surfaces, and Decals categories are integrated inside the Twinmotion Library.

This page provides information about how to use the Quixel Megascans assets in Twinmotion.

Using the Quixel Megascans Assets in Twinmotion

Quixel Megascans assets are stored on a dedicated server online to reduce local storage requirements on your computer. To download and use them in Twinmotion, you must first log into your Epic Account.

To access the Quixel Megascans assets in the Library:

  1. In Twinmotion, log into your Epic Account by clicking the My account icon in the Header, or selecting Sign in to Epic Games from the File menu.

  2. In the Quixel Megascans category, hover over the thumbnail of the asset that you want to use and click the Download icon.

    Download icon in the Library

  3. Once the asset has been downloaded, drag and drop it from the Library into the scene.

By default, the downloaded Quixel Megascans assets are saved to your computer in the following folder:

C:\Users\username\Documents\Twinmotion[version number]\QuixelCloudLibrary\CloudLibrary

You can change this location in the Preferences panel under Settings > Custom paths.

The Variations Window for 3D Plants

Certain plant varieties in the 3D Plants category are bundled into groups. For example, the Amaryllis asset in 3D Plants > Flowering Plant > Flowerhead contains several variations of the Amaryllis plant.

Amaryllis plant in the Quixel Library

Amaryllis plant in the 3D Plants category

When you drag the asset in the scene, all the variations are added as a group to the scene. If you want to add each plant separately or add only a few of them at the same time, you can separate the group in the Variations window.

To separate a group of plants:

  1. Select an asset in the 3D Plants category. The Variations window appears.

    The Variations window

  2. In the window, click Variations. The plant variations will be ungrouped and each variation will appear individually in the window.

    Plant variations in the Variations window

  3. To add one or more plant variations to the scene, select them from the window and drag them into the scene.

Quixel Megascans Assets in the Library

The assets from the Quixel Megascans 3D Assets, 3D Plants, Surfaces, and Decals categories are integrated into the Twinmotion Library. The following descriptions provide an overview of the contents for each category.

3D Assets

The 3D Assets category includes a large variety of assets to create buildings and structures and to create interior and exterior scenes. The assets are categorized as follows: Building, Food, Historical, Industrial, Interior, Nature, Props, and Street.

Quixel Megascans 3D Assets

Quixel Megascans 3D Assets

3D Plants

The 3D Plants category contains an extensive collection of photorealistic vegetation for interior and exterior scenes in the following categories: Garden Plants, Grass, Flowering Plants, Shrubs, and Houseplants.

For information on how to separate groups of plants in this category, refer to the The Variations Window for 3D Plants section above.

Quixel Megascans 3D Plants

Quixel Megascans 3D Plants


In the Surfaces category you can find Materials that simulate many types of natural and man-made surfaces. The Materials are classified as follows: Metal, Wood, Fabric, Grass, Concrete, Sand, Stone, Plaster, Soil, Rock, Moss, Debris, Brick, Tile, Asphalt, Other, Snow, Bark, Gravel, Marble, Ground, Roofing, Historical, Coal, and Branch.

Quixel Megascans fabrics applied to pillows

Quixel Megascans fabrics applied to pillows


The Decals category has a large selection of decals that can be applied to objects and point cloud objects. They are categorized as follows: Wood, Debris, Other, Leakage, Street, Graffiti, Tree, Metal, Concrete, Stone, Fabric, Blood, Moss, Vegetation, Door, Trim, Commercial, Graffiti, and Mud.

Quixel Megascans painted number decals

Quixel Megascans painted number Decals


The Quixel Megascans assets in Twinmotion have the following limitations:

  • The resolution of linked textures in all Quixel Megascans assets in Twinmotion is limited to 2K.

  • Quixel Megascans vegetation cannot be used with the Twinmotion Vegetation paint and Vegetation scatter tools.