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The Library

An overview of the Library in Twinmotion.


The Twinmotion Library, located inside the Library panel, contains a massive collection of high-quality assets that you can use to bring your 3D scenes to life.

The assets in the Library panel are categorized as follows:

  • Twinmotion assets (including Smart assets) that consist of Materials, Vegetation, Objects, Lights, HDRI environments, Characters, and Vehicles.

  • Quixel Megascans assets from the 3D Assets, 3D Plants, Surfaces and Decals categories.

  • Sketchfab assets, but only those included in the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY), Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA), Attribution-NoDerives (CC BY-ND), and Public Domain (CC0) license types.

The Library panel also contains the User library where you can save custom assets and imported external assets, and several Tools to fine tune your scene such as Reflection probes and Animators.