Twinmotion 2022.2.1 Hotfix Release Notes

Bug fixes in Twinmotion 2022.2.1.


Twinmotion 2022.2.1 is now available.

You can download and install the latest release from the Epic Games Launcher located on your computer.

Feel free to start a New Discussion in the Twinmotion support community to share your thoughts. If you need to report a bug regarding this release please contact Customer Support.

What's New

This version includes bug fixes only.

Important: If you launch Twinmotion and the application does not appear after the splash screen, or the Twinmotion application window is very small, please refer to this article.

Bugs Fixed in 2022.2.1


TM-8799 - Problem with normals on materials affected by weather.


TM-9022 - Library custom paths are not remembered and are not displayed correctly.


TM-8649 - Exported videos with video textures are not exported correctly.

TM-7828 - Delay not working when exporting scenes containing video materials.


TM-8955 - Twinmotion settings applied to imported lights from Revit are not applied when updating a Datasmith DirectLink or .udatasmith file.

TM-8830 - Crash when updating or syncing a Datasmith Direct Link or .udatasmith file due to replaced imported lights.

TM-7838 - Textures sometimes disappear when reimporting files.

TM-8971 - Replacing an object with a vegetation asset is not kept when updating an imported .udatasmith file.

TM-8969 - Haze effect is not updating correctly and has the wrong orientation on imported lights.

TM-8956 - Crash on Datasmith import with material substitutions when using Quixel Megascans surfaces.


TM-8811 - Crash when saving file with Physics Tools enabled.

TM-8813 - Crash when disabling the Collision Tool in complex scenes.

TM-8968 - Crash when activating Gravity several times on Character Paths.

TM-8792 - Crash when closing Twinmotion after removing physics applied to multiple objects.

TM-7330 - Crash when duplicating the Measure Tool by dragging it and pressing Shift.

TM-7904 - Crash when undoing video keyframe deletion after scene conversion.

TM-8852 - Crash when deleting a keyframe on a video containing an HDRI Backdrop created with versions 2022.2 PR1 and PR2.


TM-9019 - String TXT_HDRIAffectsLighting is too long in Japanese.

TM-8810 - Replace "Phasing Title" by "Phasing" in Media dock.

TM-8794 - Old version of the Japanese Twinmotion Shortcuts PDF is used in 2022.2

New known bugs affecting 2022.2.1


TM-8819 - LOD popping with native Sports assets in Library > Objects > Home > Gym.


TM-9163 - Point clouds may cause flickering on exported video and in the Viewport.

TM-8914 - Non-uniform scaling on bushes is not kept when reopening a file.


TM-8972 - Light angle from Archicad does not update automatically when value is changed in DCC.

TM-9185 - Multiple imported point cloud files are not positioned correctly.

TM-8975 - Importing a file using a material substitution table sometimes breaks the UV Mapping of meshes.

Workaround: Reapply the material with the correct geometry mapping.


TM-8982 - Downloaded Posed Humans are not recognized as characters in the Selection menu in Camera > Visual effects > Clay render.

TM-8943 - Clay doesn't apply correctly on instanced cars after reopening the file.


TM-8960 - Color settings only are modified when settings are changed on an instanced Measure Tool.

TM-9068 - Navigation controls in Twinmotion and in Local and Cloud Presentations do not respond after clicking on a placed Note.


TM-8905 - User Library is not sorting items alphabetically on MacOS.

TM-8846 - HDRI Environments in the Library are not sorting alphabetically.

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