Tools in the Library

An overview of the Tools in the Library.


The Tools category in the Library provides you with various tools for workflow iteration, and to improve the visual fidelity of your scene.

This page provides an overview of these tools.

Tools in the Library

Tools in the Twinmotion Library


The Sections category contains the Section Cubes tool that you can use to cut or hide objects or portions of objects in a scene.

The Section Cubes tool can be used on Library objects and Point Cloud objects.

Section cube

Section cube hiding parts of objects and vegetation

Reflection Probes

Twinmotion provides a Sphere Reflection Probe and a Box Reflection Probe that enhance the realism of your scenes by improving reflections and creating realistic reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass.

Without Reflection Probes

Reflection Probes enabled


With the Notes tool, you can annotate your scenes by dragging and dropping notes into the Viewport. This can be useful when reviewing projects with colleagues and clients, or when you want to leave notes in exported images, videos, and panoramas.

The notes are fully customizable: you can change the text alignment, and their size, color, and camera position. Notes can be minimized and maximized in the Viewport and in Presenter Mode. You can also save and reimport them into any CAD application that supports the VCF format, such as Archicad or Revit.


Notes on a Twinmotion scene in the Viewport

Measure Tool

The Measure tool gives you the ability to measure objects and areas, or to calculate the distance between objects.

The Measure tool can be used in either metric or imperial units, and can be customized by changing its scale, text position, and color.

When the Constraint parameter is enabled, the Measure tool automatically detects and attaches itself to objects to measure the distance between them. If you want to manually select the objects to measure, or if you want to specify a length for the Measure tool, disable the Constraint parameter.

Measure tool

The Measure tool in Twinmotion


To animate objects in your scene use the Rotator and Translator tools in the Animators section. By linking a Rotator or Translator with objects from the Library, you can create your own custom animations such as opening and closing windows and doors, rotating a ceiling fan, or creating a moving elevator.

Doors animated with the Rotator tool.


The project in the Animators section is courtesy of Epic Games and David Baylis.

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