Twinmotion Cloud Web Drive Overview

Overview of the Twinmotion Cloud Web Drive.


The Twinmotion Cloud Web Drive is a web portal where you can view, manage, and share all the content that you upload to Twinmotion Cloud.

In the Web Drive, you can:

  • View all the content that you have uploaded to Twinmotion Cloud.

  • View and copy the shareable links to presentations and panorama sets.

  • Enable or disable password protection for shared content.

  • Generate new passwords.

  • View presentations and panorama sets before sharing them.

  • View the creation date, modification date, and file size of media.

  • Delete and rename presentations and panorama sets.

Accessing the Web Drive

You must be logged in to your Epic Games account to access the Web Drive.

You can access the Web Drive from the following three locations:

Uploading to Cloud Dialog Box

After you have successfully uploaded a presentation or panorama set to Twinmotion Cloud, click the Open Twinmotion Cloud button.


Burger Menu or Main Menu

  • Go to < your Epic Games user account name >/Open Twinmotion Cloud.


Twinmotion Website

Web Drive User Interface

The two main areas of the Web Drive are:

  1. The List area

  2. The Details panel

Click image to expand.



1. List area

The List area contains all the presentations and panorama sets that you have uploaded to Twinmotion Cloud. Each presentation and panorama set is represented by a thumbnail image. The content in the list can be ordered by title, type, and modification date.

When you click a presentation or panorama set in the list, a preview appears on the right side of the window.

2. Details panel

The top part of the Details panel shows a preview image of your presentation or panorama set and includes the creation date, modification date, and file size of the media.

If you click on the View button, you can open your presentation or panorama set.

In this area, you can also rename or delete your presentation.

The bottom part of the Details panel provides the automatically generated hyperlink and password for sharing presentations and panorama sets.

To change the password, click the Generate new password button.

If password protection is enabled, you can disable it by clicking the Enable password toggle.

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