Sharing Content from the Web Drive

Learn how to share presentations and panorama sets.


You can preview your presentations and panorama sets before sharing them. In the list, select the presentation or panorama set and click the View button on the preview image.

To share content from the Web drive, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Twinmotion Cloud Web Drive. For information on how to access the Web Drive, see Accessing the Web Drive.

  2. In the list on the left side, select the presentation or panorama set that you want to share.

    On the right side, a larger image and information about the selected media appear.

    Click image to expand.

  3. By default, presentations and panorama sets are password protected. For more information about passwords, see Working with Passwords.

    To disable password protection, if it is enabled, under Settings , click the Enable password toggle switch.

    To generate a new password, under Settings, click the Generate new password button.


  4. To copy the shareable hyperlink and optional password, click the Copy button.


  5. Send the hyperlink and optional password to your collaborators by pasting it in an email or text message.

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