Twinmotion Cloud Overview

Overview of Twinmotion Cloud and how it works.


Twinmotion Cloud (Early Access) offers you the ability to publish immersive and interactive Twinmotion presentations and panorama sets to the web and share them with your collaborators. With Twinmotion Cloud you can share media without having to send or download large files or worry about incompatible file formats or computer performance. With a simple click on a hyperlink, your colleagues and clients can view and interact with presentations and panorama sets in a web browser from a workstation, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The presentations uploaded to Twinmotion Cloud are hosted on a cloud GPU instance, ensuring consistent visual fidelity and performance. As presentations are streamed using pixel streaming, your collaborators can enjoy an immersive experience and interact with scenes in the same manner in which you navigate scenes in Twinmotion.

Twinmotion Cloud Early Access is currently available for the following web browsers and operating systems:

  • Google Chrome: Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows

  • Apple Safari: iOS, MacOS, Windows

  • Firefox: Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows

  • Microsoft Edge based on Chromium: Windows

Twinmotion Cloud is in Early Access and has some limitations. For more information, see the Twinmotion Cloud Early Access Limitations section on this page.

How it works

To use Twinmotion Cloud, you must be logged in to your Epic Games account.

1. Upload your Content to Twinmotion Cloud

You can upload your content to Twinmotion Cloud by using the Push to Cloud method, or by using a presentation or a panorama set that you create in Twinmotion.

Method 1: Using Push to Cloud

Using Push to Cloud is a convenient way to share a quick presentation you're working on. By clicking the Push to Cloud button, the scene in Twinmotion's Viewport is uploaded to Twinmotion Cloud and becomes shareable and fully interactive via a hyperlink.

For information on how to upload content using Push to Cloud, see Uploading Content to Twinmotion Cloud.

Method 2: Using Twinmotion Presentations or Panorama Sets

If you want to share several images, panoramas, and videos at the same time, you can create presentations or panorama sets and upload them to Twinmotion Cloud.

  • A presentation is a collection of media, created in Twinmotion, that can contain several images, panoramas, and videos.

  • Panorama sets are a convenient way to share more than one panorama viewpoint. Up to 100 panoramas can be added to one panorama set.

Once a presentation or panorama set is uploaded, you can update it as often as you like; the hyperlink will always provide access to the latest version.

For information on uploading and updating presentations and panorama sets, see Uploading Content to Twinmotion Cloud.

2. Preview, Manage, and Organize Your Content on the Web Drive

Once your content is uploaded to Twinmotion Cloud, it can be accessed on the Twinmotion Cloud Web Drive where you can preview, manage, organize, and share it.

For more information about the Web Drive, see Twinmotion Cloud Web Drive.

3. Share Content with your Collaborators

In the Twinmotion Cloud Web Drive, each presentation and panorama set has its own unique shareable hyperlink and optional password. To share a presentation or panorama, copy the link and optional password and send it to your collaborators. When they click the link, the presentation or panorama set launches in a web browser.

For more information on how to share content, see Sharing Content on the Web Drive.

4. View Content in a Web Browser

When your collaborators receive the hyperlink, they click on it or paste it in the address bar of their web browser to start viewing and interacting with the presentation or panorama set. The scenes are fully interactive and they can be navigated using a variety of inputs including keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and touchscreen gestures.

Presentations can be viewed using the Twinmotion navigation mode, or using the presets of other design applications that are supported in Twinmotion.

For information on viewing presentations, see Viewing Presentations.

For information on viewing panorama sets, see Viewing Panorama Sets.

Twinmotion Cloud Early Access Limitations

The Twinmotion Cloud Early Access release has some limitations. These are subject to change but currently include:

  • Depending on the available cloud GPU instances, up to 100 presentations or panorama sets can be viewed simultaneously. If not enough GPU instances are available, a viewing queue is formed until a GPU instance becomes available.

  • Presentation quality settings are dynamically set based on benchmark estimates during processing. Presentations are rendered at the highest level of quality (Ultra) unless a resource-intensive presentation demands a lower rendering quality for smoother viewing performance.

  • For the best viewing experience, it is recommended to use an internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 25 Mbps.

  • Sound is not supported in presentations and panorama sets.

  • The file size of presentations and panorama sets that can be uploaded to Twinmotion Cloud is limited to 2 GB. This includes the file size of the Twinmotion scene and the scene assets.

  • Due to the limitations of currently available cloud GPUs, presentations and panorama sets must use less than 13 GB of video memory (RAM) to be cloud-compatible. If you try to upload media that exceeds this limit, a message will appear informing you of the amount that exceeds the limit. You can reduce the amount of video memory needed by removing geometry or complex textures in the scenes.

  • When uploading content to Twinmotion Cloud or viewing content in a web browser, the Twinmotion Cloud services can be blocked by antivirus software or ad blockers. To avoid this, turn off ad blockers and validate Twinmotion in the antivirus software.

  • Presentations have two types of time limitations. Warning messages are shown as these limits are approached:

    • A presentation cannot be opened for more than 90 minutes.

    • If you do not move in a scene or interact with a presentation for 30 minutes, it will be disconnected due to inactivity. You can relaunch the presentation by clicking the Reconnect button that appears in the browser window.

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