Twinmotion Assets in the Library

An overview of Twinmotion Assets in the Library.


The Library contains a large collection of Twinmotion Assets to create indoor and outdoor scenes in the following categories: Materials, Vegetation and landscape, Objects, Lights, Skydomes, Characters, and Vehicles.

Smart Assets

Twinmotion Assets are categorized as fixed assets or Smart Assets. Smart Assets have custom parameters that can be modified. For example, you can change the age and growth pattern of Trees, modify the tint of their leaves and bark, and have the seasons and wind have an effect on them.

Animated Humans and Animated Groups in the Character category are also Smart Assets, as they can be modified with Cloth color, Pose and Animation presets.

Other Smart Assets in the Library include Decals, Flags, Water objects, Sounds, Doors, Bushes, Grass, HDRI Skydomes, Cars, Aircraft and Construction Machines.

Using Twinmotion Assets

Most Twinmotion Assets are available locally with your Twinmotion installation and can be accessed instantly from the Library. To reduce local storage requirements on your computer, other Twinmotion Assets are stored on a dedicated server online. To use them, you must first log into your Epic Account and download them.

Assets that need to be downloaded have a Download icon next to their image in the Library, as shown below. Once the assets have been downloaded, the Download icon no longer appears.

Download icon in the Library

Download icon on a Twinmotion Asset

Accessing Twinmotion Assets on the Cloud

  1. In Twinmotion, log into your Epic Account by selecting Sign in to Epic Games from the File menu or Burger menu.

  2. In the Library, hover your cursor over the thumbnail of the asset and click the Download icon.

    Download icon in the Library

  3. Once the asset has been downloaded, drag it into the scene.

By default, downloaded Twinmotion Assets are saved to your computer in the following folder:

C:\Users\username\Documents\Twinmotion[version number]\TwinmotionCloudLibrary

You can change this location in the Preferences panel under Settings > Custom Paths.

Twinmotion Assets in the Library

The following sections provide a brief overview of the assets in the Twinmotion Library.


Materials are applied to objects and geometry to simulate the appearance and texture of realistic surfaces, such as glass, metal, and brick. The Twinmotion Library contains a large variety of Materials that react to lights and the environment.

The Materials assets are classified in the following categories: Glass, Metal, Concrete, Wood, Stones, Brick, Ground, Plastic, Wall coverings, Roof coverings, Ceilings, Grids, Marble and granite, Tiles, Fabric, and Leather. The Materials category also contains assets that simulate Water, create Translucent and Neon effects, and assets that can be used for Modeling. Videos can also be added and applied on objects to create animated textures.

Materials in the Library

Twinmotion Library Materials applied to Primitives

Vegetation and landscape

Vegetation assets include a variety of natural vegetation and scenery such as Trees, Bushes, Grass and flowers, Detail grasses, and Rocks. In Twinmotion, Trees, Bushes, and Grass are Smart Assets, which means that they are affected by wind and the change of seasons; you can also change several of their properties such as growth patterns, age, and color.

To easily add vegetation to large areas in a scene, use the Vegetation Paint and Vegetation Scatter tools or the Multidrop feature.

Vegetation in the Library

Vegetation from the Twinmotion Library

Landscapes provides Flat and Rocky grasslands landscape assets that you can use with the Sculpt Terrain and Paint Terrain tools to create realistic terrains.

Vegetation in the Library

Landscapes from the Twinmotion Library


The Objects category contains the following assets:

Home: Assets for interior home and office scenes such as furniture, plants, and decorations in the following categories: Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom Office, Gym, and Street Workout.

City: Exterior furniture and assets such as benches, streetlights, planters, and construction materials to create realistic exterior scenes in the following categories: Benches, Bollards, Fountains, Planters, Trash cans, Signs, Streetlights, Advertising, Flags, and Construction.

Primitives: Various shapes, such as cones, cylinders, and boxes, that can be used as building blocks to create custom geometry for prototyping purposes.

Decals: An assortment of decals that can be applied to objects and Point Cloud objects to create realistic effects, such as street markings, manholes, sewer grates, graffiti, puddles, stains, cement and asphalt patches, road damage, stains, signs, dead leaves, and shadows.

Particles: Assets that simulate natural phenomena such as smoke, fire, waterfalls, shower water, water jets, and fog.

Water: Water shapes that can be resized and used to create items such as swimming pools, water fountains, or aquariums.

Sounds: People, Nature, and City audio clips that you can add to a scene to create realistic sound environments.

Doors: Various models of animated Rotating doors and Sliding doors.

Objects from the Library

Objects from the Twinmotion Library


The Lights category contains several types of lights to create custom lighting effects in your scenes: Omnidirectional light, Spot light, Neon light, Area light, and several IES light profiles. Several of the lighting parameters can be modified such as Intensity, Color, Attenuation, Shadows and Haze.

Objects from the Library

Lights from the Twinmotion Library


High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) Skydomes provide realistic lighting and reflections to your Twinmotion scenes. The Twinmotion Library contains several skydomes in three categories that you can use to simulate various lighting scenarios: Morning and Afternoon, Noon, and Low Sun. Each category has its respective Clear, Cloudy, and Overcast sections.

Skydomes from the Library

Skydomes applied to the Lakehouse Retreat demo scene


Populate your Twinmotion scenes using animated and static photorealistic human and animal characters in the following categories:

Animated humans: Animated human characters that can be rotated and move in the scene according to Pose presets that you select, such as Speaking, Idle, Sitting and Walking. Several Cloth color presets are also provided.

Groups: Characters from the Animated humans category that are grouped together. Characters can be added or deleted from the group.

Posed Humans: 3D scanned human characters and groups of characters in various static poses.

Cutout: Static 2D human characters and groups of characters. The image of the character can be replaced by applying a color or texture to the cutout.

Animals: Animated mammals, birds, and fish that animate in the scene, and can be translated, rotated, and scaled.


Characters in a Twinmotion scene


The Vehicles category contains several collections of Cars, Buses, Boats, Aircraft (including hot air balloons), Two-wheeled vehicles—such as bicycles, motorbikes and scooters—, Construction machines, and Trucks.


Construction vehicles from the Twinmotion Library

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